Thanks jacket… or killings

Hey hey, I saw I can you. Hello to select 3 30. OK when you get adding your Sarah, thanks jacket or killings give me a call. Bye

08:09 pm, by quaternium

He has the money, alright

Hi. This is a just let you know I’m in the hospital in prison, I have the money alright.

(Note: This was actually a message from my dad telling me he was in the hospital with pneumonia.)

03:39 pm, by amyvernon


Hi. I can’t talk to you now, but I will go ahead and give me a radiant. I love you and let me say how I can say Happy motherfuckers and I think it Hey. Okay, I’ll talk to you. I’m okay. We’re on our way home from with you tell I had a great day today. Bye bye. So yeah.

10:52 pm, by Ron Dancaster


Chicken butt

09:21 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by gvtranscribe



10:45 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by gvtranscribe

The agent stand nasty

"Hey man it’s, Cheryl. I just wanted to touch base with you. I had a phone from. The agent stand nasty and she said that. They’re her client tractor. Nicky urine, everything on last night and it didn’t work. So, the roof and heater. So things are under warranty with the builder and so either call on the builder has been coming out textile that thing And then the instance I don’t know if you wanna hold your guy off and just disappointed. Thank thank your credit fixed something. They have to have a receipt showing that they’ve been fixed. And that would save you $8 so and I’ll talk to you later. Bye."

I don’t know who this Nicky person is or why my Realtor would think him or her peeing on the broken items in the house would fix anything.  (no email links, please)

02:00 pm, by Matt F. 1

Peace Man

It’s a reminder call from insure melting health care. Yeah we are calling to confirm an appointment. Yeah, this appointment is Hey Kirk. Yes, doctor doesn’t know on. Wednesday. Yeah 11:20 AM. Your confirm this appointment, press one to cancel this appointment. Yes to reschedule this appointment or contact the clinic. Yes Yes applicable. Bring your insurance card, coping with any past due balance you showed on your state. Peace man. Yeah to start over. Or here. This again simply press your Starkey. Thank you, and goodbye.

02:00 pm, by Kirk

What is the circumference of the moon in furlongs?


06:23 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by gvtranscribe

But the flip itself

Hi Jescie, This is an at the room July parade. I’m just calling about that book, The Secret Life of a satanist the due date for the unit, indicate that was due yesterday, the 13th and looking at your condo looks like you renewed it at some point but into web Realty notBut the flip itself. That’s in the book clearly states that they’re not renewable they’ve really aren’t that needs to be that the library that we, bardot from next week which means definitely need to ship it out to them this week, so if you could return it today that would be great and we definitely need to have that happen. In order for you to be able to keep getting into web Reynolds, which want you to be able to do so.

06:22 pm, by jesciexvx 2

Abruptly type

Hi Amy abruptly type. Sorry I missed your call. I was in a meeting. I think you’re calling now bye bye.

06:19 pm, by amyvernon

Cuttin’ Ds

Hey, Let’s see what’s up. It’s Tuesday. So I was nobody trip on this okay. However, I may have to. I don’t cut the D’s now it is really two months. Gimme a sees the message is for you. Like 600. But, just, call me back and I’m trying to get things sorted out online, because I’m cut it. We’ll talk to you later.”

Is this about drugs? It sounds like it’s about drugs. (Actually, it was a call from a friend about the cost of a hotel stay.)

02:00 pm, by isthisfunyet 1

Just Call Me Sir Puddles

What the text message said: “I knaved you to whack the bread man puddles”. 

What it was supposed to say: “I need you to check the back (storage) room please”. 

02:00 pm, by Kat